Deadzone Top 8 Rules Mistakes

While Deadzone is a reasonably simple ruleset there are still a few things that can catch people out. Join us as we look at the top 8 rules mistakes people make in Deadzone.

So I’ve been playing Deadzone pretty solidly for a while now and over that time I’ve come across some common mistakes that come up pretty often. One of the issues is about interpretation or assuming what the rules say and sometimes it’s just that it’s not that clear on first reading.

 1) Suppression

Strangely you do not need to roll a single success on your Shoot action in order to Pin the entire target cube. You do need to be able to see a model as a target and can still damage if you roll well of course. Suddenly Plague HMG teams look a lot better than they did right?

 2) Falling

Moving down 1 cube is a jump whether it is intentional or not. Falling damage is only taken when you move down 2 or more cubes of height. Of course though if you have the movement and there is a surface to climb you can climb down just as easily as you can climb up.

I’ve seen loads of people count a single cube of height as causing harm and it’s not. I appreciate it’s not written as clearly as it could be in the book but don’t let people claim you take falling damage for a single cube fall.

Obviously if you do fall from a height it’s going to hurt, a lot, but in these cases Jump Pack or Glide would protect you and there’s nothing more disappointing than knocking an enforcer off of a building to watch him just gracefully land on the ground.

 3) Fights (bonus dice)

All bonus dice (size, wounds, friends, horde) count whether you are fighting or surviving. So don’t forget that even when you are leaving a cube you still get a benefit if the cube you are leaving has a friend in it.

 4) Break away from a cube

You can only make a Move action to leave a cube and NOT a Sprint, so that’s a short action. This is important and easily missed as most models won’t be able to get more than 1 cube away from the cube they started in. It does of course allow you to turn around and Shoot them

 5) Fire Control

You must declare your targets with both weapons before you fire them! This means you cannot see the result of the first shot before deciding where to put the second. So if that model really needs to be killed then you may want to commit both shots too it even though you may end up wasting one if the first shot kills the model. These are the choices you have to make in life. Don’t let your Iron Ancestor friend get away without declaring the targets first as it’s actually an important way of limiting what is probably the most powerful ability in the game.

 6) Being Pinned

If you are pinned in Deadzone you are in big trouble lying there on the floor with your pants down is not a good place to be!

If you pinned yourself you (say you stepped on a bobby trap) you will lose your second action for the round, as the only thing you can do if pinned is stand up and this can only be done at the start of a round.

You also can’t use a move command dice to stand up as standing up is a different short action to moving so be warned.

Even worse than that for those who play with Teratons now that teleport is a long action being pinned means you can’t teleport that round as you will have to spend your first short action to stand up, hmm how annoying! Unless you are not the Teraton player! Since this changed in FAQ 2.1 the main defence for dealing with Teratons has become pinning and don’t forget that its quite easy to do as you don’t need to cause actual or potential damage and Tough doesn’t  count either. It’s based purely on the number of dice you succeed with vs your opponents successes.

Finally, if someone attacks you sure you get to fight them but they get an extra dice and you can only survive so not much use there! At least if you do survive you can stand up for free now though.

 7) Picking up items

You can pick up, swap or drop items at any point in your MOVE. So you must use a move action and watch those cheeky shenanigans of dropping items for friends to pick up, this is fine as long as they use a move action.

Don’t forget that you can also pick up items carried by another model that is killed as long as they have the (+) sign. This means you can pick up and use a holo-sight, shield or defender shield that a model bought as part of their strike team even if it’s an enemy one.

8) Frag

Unlike grenades or indirect weapons you don’t need to roll to hit the cube first with a Frag weapon. You just roll your 3 dice, and this point is critical, you hit on 4+, irrespective of what your Shoot stat is! This can be immense of course especially as you also have no modifiers from smoke, friends in cube etc. Get fragging people!

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