Weight of fire is a community group hosted by Andy, Kev, Paul, Hal and Chaz with occasional special guests.

We play mostly games made by Mantic Games in their fantasy universe Mantica (Kings of War, Vanguard and Dungeon Saga), their science fiction universe (Deadzone, Warpath, Star Saga and Dreadball) and their licensed tie-in games (The Walking Dead and the forthcoming Hellboy).

Along with these games we also find time for games from other companies. Currently Weight of Fire members are playing Infinity, a science fiction skirmish game by Corvus Belli, Star Wars Armada, a starship combat game by Fantasy Flight Games and Gaslands, a post apocalyptic motor racing game by Osprey Games.

We play at the Altrincham Gaming club on Tuesday evenings from 7-11. New members are always welcome. More information can be found on the club facebook page.

With our podcast, Facebook page and youtube channel  we will try to show you some of the great things about these games with reviews, unboxing and battle reports.

Let us know if you like what we do and what you would like to see.