Deadzone Outbreak Previews

The new Deadzone supplement Outbreak is due for release in July.

To celebrate this we’ve got 12 NEW videos for you to watch to let you what to expect in Outbreak.
Andy and Ross go through what you can expect from Deadzone: Outbreak.
There’s then a brief overview of every faction including the new Mazon labs and Nameless factions.
Finally a Bat Rep using the new Invade MIssion and Revised Asterian and Rebs lists from Deadzone Outbreak.
That’s a total of 12 NEW VIDEOS for you! Have a good weekend

Episode 2 – Meet Joe Neet

Welcome to Weight of Fire, a podcast dedicated to wargaming and miniature painting with a heavy focus on Mantic games such as Kings of War, Deadzone and Warpath.

This episode we are joined by a special guest; Joe Neet from Mantic Games!

Haven: A Kings of War Tournament РWe talk about a recent KoW tournament Paul and Andy attended

Altibash IV preview¬†–¬†Our up coming tournament

What’s happening at Mantic? – Joe gives us all the juicy gossip about Vanguard (a KoW skirmish game), KoW summer campaign and we even get to review one of the new formations!¬†

Deadzone Rankings¬†–¬†Andy goes into a bit of detail about the new ranking system and we ask: Is it a good thing?

Hobby Time – What are we painting? We chat a bit about our current hobby projects

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